Hi, my name is Celine Esser and I joined the team of Dierenkliniek Spaarne en Vondelpark in April 2021.
I graduated as an assistant in the year 2012 and I still do this job with a lot of fun!
Together with my boyfriend and cat I live in Haarlem and in November 2021 we expect our first child together.

Animals and nature have always interested me since childhood and I knew I wanted to do something with this later on.
For a few years I was very determined to become a dolphin trainer, a typical childhood dream, but I changed my mind because I did not like animals in captivity, just for our entertainment.
I am very happy that I took the step to become an assistant. There is nothing more beautiful than helping pets and of course their owners.

Most of the time I will be at Dierenkliniek Spaarne. Hope to meet you soon!