Does your cat have a chip?

To have a chip is required in some cases, for example when you are traveling abroad or when you purchase pet-insurance. In every other case it is up to the owner to chip their pet or not. There are a lot of cats in shelters because they have escaped and go missing. If the owner can’t be found, the cat must stay at the shelter until a new owner is found. That’s too bad, because a lot of these cats have an owner that misses them and wants them back!

For placing a chip you can make an appointment at the clinic. We also place chips when the cat is under anaesthesia for sterilization, castration or another surgery. The chip (the size of a rice grain) is placed under the skin by using an injection-needle. We will take care of the registration at the Stichting Nederlandse Databank Gezelschapsdieren and after that every company that has anything to do with animals (veterinarians, shelters, animal ambulance etc.) can read the chip.

If your cat ever goes missing, he/she can be traced and you can be reunited once more!