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As our body gets older it starts to work less efficiently – the same is true for cats. Your cats heart or kidneys may not work as well as they once did or your cat may develop an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). Also, if your cat’s behaviour changes, this may be a sign of illness or pain. Because cats are not allways good at letting you know that something is going on, we introduced our Senior Check-Up.

Domestic cats may live for 20 years or more if well cared for and early veterinary attention may be able to sort out problems before they become serious. Age is not a reason to accept ill health and by keeping your cat well you can ensure that he or she has a good quality of life.

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What does a Senior check-up involve?

  • We send you a questionnaire in advance so we make sure we don’t miss anything.
  • If possible, we will schedule the appointment in our exclusive cat hours, and take plenty of time so we try to stress the cat as little as possible.
  • We will measure weight and do an extensive physical examination.
  • We take a blood and a urine sample to test for common diseases in older cats.
  • We measure the cat’s blood pressure.
  • We clip nails as desirable.

Hopefully the results are unremarkable. If not, we will discuss all possible options and costs with you and make sure that we make the best decision for your pet.

Because at Dierenkliniek Spaarne we are convinced that preventative healthcare is better than curative care, we offer our Senior Check-up for €159,95 instead of €319,90 (when we charge for everything separate).

Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information or to make an appointment at 023-3036891

We hope to see you soon!