Does your dog have a transponder?

From the 1st of April 2013 it is required to mark dogs with a transponder to enable the identification and registration of dogs. This is the case in both dogs born in the Netherlands as in immigrated dogs. It is recommended to register your dog in one of the Dutch databases. Dogs immigrated into the Netherlands should be registered by their owner into a database. It is requierd for the dog owner to keep the information of the registration updated.
This requirement does not apply to cats.

The veterinarian checks the transponder when your pet enters the clinic for the first time, whenever a rabies vaccination is given and when the pet is traveling abroad.
Cats do not requier a transponder (unless they travel abroad or for some pet insurances). However we still recommend to mark cats, because it enables us to trace the owner in case the cat gets missing. In case we can not track the owner (for instance because the cat is not marked), the cat will be brought to the shelter…

For placing a transponder you can make an appointment at the clinic. Although it is an easy procedure, we try to combine it with neutering as the animals are under general anesthesia than.  The transponder (the size of a rice grain) is placed under the skin by using an injection-needle. We will take care of the registration at the Stichting Nederlandse Databank Gezelschapsdieren and after that every company that has anything to do with animals (veterinarians, shelters, animal ambulance etc.) can read the transponder. If your pet ever goes missing, he/she can be traced back to you and you can be reunited once more!