Elsje Peletier

‘Who doesn’t want to be a vet! Off course I wanted this, just like many other small children. At that moment I… (read more)

Cindy Reijne

‘I graduated in 2013 at the University of Utrecht as a veterinarian for small animals. Since my graduation I’ve… (read more)

Nirita Brand








‘Hi everyone! I am Nirita Brand and I have just joined the great team of Veterinarian Clinic Vondelpark… (read more)

Babette Ravensbergen








‘As a child I had an early interest in the medical field and I was a big animal lover. It was no surprise that I chose… (read more)


Caitlyn Immerzeel

‘Hi everybody! My name is Caitlyn Immerzeel and I’ve graduated as a paraveterinarian in May 2013. I started… (read more)

Fleur Visser

‘My name is Fleur Visser and I have been working at the Veterinary clinic Vondelpark since 2016. I live in Amsterdam with… (read more)

Kelly de Klerk

‘Hi my name is Kelly and, together with my dog Jade, I live in Zandvoort. From a young age I always knew that I wanted… (read more)


Joy Zonneveld









‘Hi everyone! I am Joy Zonneveld and I live in Heemskerk. From a very young age I’ve always loved animals, that’s… (read more)