Dental veterinarians

You can visit Dierenkliniek Spaarne with your animal for a dental check-up or a dental treatment. You will be assisted by veterinarians Cindy Reijne, Nirita Brand or Elsje Peletier and our dental assistants Kelly de Klerk and Kelly Buis. This super team carries out dental X-rays, dental restorations, surgical extractions, restorations and root canal treatments. Of course, all this is done according to the latest insights and techniques.


During the treatment we work as safely as possible. This means that we adapt each anaesthetic to the age, condition and possible medical history and/or conditions of your animal. We offer a pre-anaesthetic blood test and can adjust our anaesthesia and infusion policy to the results of this test.

Your animal will be closely monitored during the treatment. For example, we use breathing equipment, gas anesthesia and monitoring equipment with which we measure the heart rhythm, the oxygen content of the blood and the CO2 content as standard.

Dental X-rays

We consider dental X-rays indispensable in the performance of good dentistry. A large number of conditions are not visible in the mouth of an animal but are visible on an X-ray. Especially with cats many hidden leasies can be seen. For this reason we always make dental X-ray of all elements in cats.


Even after the dental treatment we will continue to help you to keep your animal’s teeth healthy. Our dental assistants can help you with preventive oral care. They can teach you to brush your animal’s teeth, give you tips on proper care and perform regular dental checks to recognize premature oral disorders.