Surgery at Veterinarian Clinic Spaarne

Most surgeries can be done at our clinic. Our veterinarians Elsje Peletier, Nirita Brand and Cindy Reijne have a lot of experience in this area. If the surgery requires special equipment or a specialist we will arrange to transfer you and your pet to the best available.

Your pet will need to be under complete anesthesia for surgery. We will choose from injections, anesthesia gasses of a combination of both, depending what works best.

It is very important that every patient does not eat 12 hours before the surgery (except for rabbits and guinea pigs). This is to prevent possible vomiting while he/she is under anesthesia. Water is allowed before surgery in small portions.

Some (small) conditions can’t be found during pre-surgical examination like early-stage kidney or liver failure. Because These conditions are important when choosing the best anesthesia for your pet. We recommend a small blood test before surgery, especially for older animals. Please also let us know when your pet is not feeling well, seems tired, has lost weight or is behaving differently, to limit the risk of surgery complications.

Your pet is continuously monitored with our equipment before, during and after surgery. Once your pet is fully awake he/she can be picked up to go home. We will call you once he/she is awake and will make an appointment for picking him/her up.